Malata – feed

Beočib ltd. sells and transports malata, which is obtained as a by-product in beer production process. Malata is used to feed livestock. Studies have shown that the use of malate in the cattle feeding increases milk yield in dairy cows and  shows excellent results in pig farming.

We offer transportation services for our costumers.

Supply is guaranteed throughout the year because we have a machine for vacuuming.

Production of briquettes

Briquette is a product obtained in process of compacting biomass in a smaller volume, using briquetting presses.

We offer two types of briquettes:
1. Industrial briquettes (round, put briquettes)
2. PK briquettes (quadrangular briquettes, with a hole in the middle)

Both types of briquettes were made from the finest hardwoods (oak, beech, ash).

Length of industrial briquettes is 270-280 mm, length PK briquettes is 295 mm.