About us

beocibCompany Beočib Ltd., founded in 1993. is engaged in services, transportation, manufacturing and sales.
As Beočib Ltd. is utility company, our main business is the provision of utility services – waste collection and garbage disposal in the territory of MZ Čelarevo, and organization and maintenance of public areas in the territory of Čelarevo.
Since its establishment until the present day activity, has expanded and the company is now registered for the entire waste management activities.

Beočib Ltd. is engaged in the collection, transport, storage, treatment, sale and final disposal of waste.

As part of our activity, we process following recyclable materials:
Paper, cardboard, PE foil, PET, other plastics, metal, sheet metal, wood, plastic, glass …

The collected recyclable materials are separated according to species, then baled and thus ready for further recycling stream.

In accordance with the Law on Waste Management (Sl. Glasnik RS no. 36/2009 and 88/2010) we have two licenses for the Integrated Waste Management: Provincial integrated permit for collection, transportation, storaging and treatment of non – hazardous waste and the Republican permit for collection and transport of non – hazardous waste.

Production of briquettes

Briquette is a product obtained in process of compacting biomass in a smaller volume, using briquetting presses.

We offer two types of briquettes:
1. Industrial briquettes (round, put briquettes)
2. PK briquettes (quadrangular briquettes, with a hole in the middle)

Both types of briquettes were made from the finest hardwoods (oak, beech, ash).

Length of industrial briquettes is 270-280 mm, length PK briquettes is 295 mm.